Top 10 Schitt’s Creek Episodes

Thanks to a plethora of time to watch Netflix and a three day free trial of YouTube TV, I am back with another television top ten ranking. This time, the subject is Schitt’s Creek, a delightful Canadian sitcom I started watching years after everyone else. (Shoutout to Natalie for recommending this one and basically all the tv I watch). There are a few spoilers from season six, so I suggest the free trial of YouTube TV if you are like me and don’t have a cable login.

#10 Honeymoon (1.10)

While I loathe awkward dinner parties in real life, they are one of my all-time favorite comedic tropes, and the soiree with David, Stevie, Alex, Ted, Mutt, and Twyla is a perfect example. Also, it makes me unbelievably happy that Ted buys entire furniture showroom floors to furnish his house because that is 100% something I would do. (But with the fancy showrooms at West Elm or Restoration Hardware, assuming I suddenly become super wealthy.) And, of course, this is the episode of David and Stevie’s famous “I like the wine, not the label” exchange,” which definitely earns it some points. 



#9 Driving Test (3.4)

I chose this episode not for the number of laugh-out-loud moments, though it’s certainly funny (as is all of Schitt’s Creek). But the relationship growth David and Alexis have experienced since moving to Schitt’s Creek shines here, and it’s incredibly touching. This is also the episode that begins Johnny and Stevie’s new partnership with the motel, which I thought was a smart move on the part of the writers and showrunners. Gotta consolidate your character arcs, ya know?

nobody cares


#8 Motel Review (3.8)

In Motel Review, we meet Patrick for the first time, which makes me a bit biased considering he’s one of my favorite characters. But this is an excellent episode for other reasons as well. I especially enjoy when there’s substantial crossover between different plotlines–Johnny is involved with both Alexis’s schoolwork and the motel, David and Alexis are around to mock Johnny’s coasters despite having their own concerns, Stevie can smoke a joint with David while also stressing about the motel. Overall, it’s well-structured and well-written. And Patrick arrives, so there’s a win-win.



#7 The Incident (6.2)

David relapsing into old bed wetting habits was an preposterous storyline on paper, and that’s exactly the material Schitt’s Creek excels with. While most of the final season was punctuated by big emotional moments, this episode makes the list simply for the number of comedic moments that land perfectly. After six seasons, I didn’t realize how much I needed Moira Rose on social media, but this episode proved me wrong. The Incident was a funny, unexpected, and wonderfully character-driven episode of television that also felt a bit reminiscent of earlier seasons, and I enjoyed it immensely.

the incident


#6 Housewarming (5.5)

I appreciate how this episode feels like Honeymoon 2.0 with all the “kids” together at a social gathering. Except this time, they’re all getting super wasted and kissing each other at a high school themed party. (I also love the little glimpse we get of everyone’s high school experiences.) Even though this episode is full of shenanigans, it highlights how much these characters have grown, including Johnny and Moira endeavoring to care for Roland Jr. in the B-Plot. And while Stevie was unfortunately relegated to a supporting role for much of season five, her drunk contributions this episode were magical.



#5 Life is a Cabaret (5.14)

Cabaret is one of my favorite musicals of all time, so this episode was obviously one of my favorites. Aside from the musical numbers (which I would gladly watch two straight hours), this was such a satisfying finale episode. I loved David celebrating his engagement in the most neurotic of ways, Stevie finally embracing her role as a leading lady, and, of course, the “cliffhanger” at the end of the episode when Moira’s return to show business falls apart. But also, Cabaret is just so good and everyone should watch and/or listen to it.



#4 Grad Night (3.13)

I’ve tried to avoid including too many of the BIG episodes, but I have a soft spot for emotional finales and Grad Night certainly checks that box. The super adorable birthday dinner with Patrick and David finally getting together will make you tear up, and the sight of Moira singing to Alexis at her graduation will turn those tears into full-fledged ugly crying. People talk about the end of season two as the moment where we see the Roses truly finding a home in Schitt’s Creek, but for me, that happens this episode. Everyone is making connections, thriving personally and professionally, and the Rose family has overcome their dysfuncationality to produce a few sweet moments.



#3 The Olive Branch (4.9)

This multi-episode Patrick/David arc is possibly my favorite of the series, and I wish I could include all the episodes in this storyline (Open Mic, The Barbecue, The Jazzaguy). But I have decided, at least for the time being, that The Olive Branch is my favorite of the bunch (not trying to ruffle any feathers here–I know Open Mic is a fan favorite). In addition to charming banter between David and Patrick, Alexis takes her first steps as a businesswoman, Stevie proves that makeup should NOT be part of her everyday look, and Moira proposes a massive statue garden for the town’s arts and culture grant.

olive branch


#2 Meet the Parents (5.11)

I know everyone thinks this is one of the best episodes of the series, and I obviously agree with that sentiment. I can’t bring myself to be edgy and contrarian. The emotional beats hit so freaking hard, and the writers do a great job of bringing the comedy in the midst of a sometimes serious episode. Obviously, we knew there was going to be a happy ending when Patrick comes out to his parents–it’s Schitt’s Creek, after all–but that doesn’t make the story any less beautiful. Just stellar writing and superb performances all around.

meet the parents


#1 Happy Ending (6.14)

And I have officially failed at avoiding an excessive number of BIG episodes because the series finale of Schitt’s Creek (and the previous episode) are absolutely spectacular and deserving my top spot. Most of the remaining story threads have already been wrapped up, so this episode just gets to be a joyous celebration of the characters and the place we’ve come to love. There was a predictable yet amusing misunderstanding, a last-minute rush to plan a wedding (it is a sitcom, after all), and so many heartfelt goodbyes. And Alexis felt slightly bad about wearing a wedding dress to her brother’s wedding, which is charcter growth if I’ve ever seen it. In the end, I was glad some of the Roses were moving on–it would have been horribly out of character if Moira suddenly had a change of heart and decided to stay–but I loved seeing David, Patrick, and Stevie remain in Schitt’s Creek. All around, this was a fabulous end to a fabulous series, and the inclusion of both Tina Turner and Mariah Carey was the icing on the (wedding) cake.



General Reflections:

  • Nothing from Season 2 made my list because I have a general distaste for Bob and Mutt’s beard makes me uncomfortable. That being said, Season 2 is also amazing.
  • David and Patrick are the best, and I’m very bad at hiding my favoritism.
  • I reserve the right to reconsider my selections whenever season six comes to Netflix. I only had time for one complete screening of the final season during my free trial of Youtube TV.
  • This blog post was really just a celebration of me learning how to embed GIFs.


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