Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

I’d been planning a blog post ranking my favorite Taylor Swift songs for a while, and I thought I had plenty of time before there was new music to contend with. I WAS WRONG. Therefore, I decided to get going and write this post before another album randomly gets released. (Not that I’m complaining. I’m very much not complaining.) So, in ranked order, these are my favorite Taylor Swift songs.*

*This entire list is liable to change based on the smallest of whims. It probably already has.

#10 Call It What You Want

Out of all the possible hits on Reputation, I was disappointed this one never took off. Delicate is obviously great too, but I personally adore CIWYW and listened to it on repeat. (I also imagined a music video with cats that never happened.) 

#9 Paper Rings

Yes, I’m a sucker for happy, peppy, boppy tracks. And this one is the happiest, peppiest, and boppiest of them all. It makes me want to dance terribly in the shower and potentially slip and hurt myself. And that’s really what I’m looking for in a song, you know? 

#8 White Horse

I will admit I don’t listen to the first two albums as frequently as some fans, and some of the tracks tend to blend together (especially on Taylor Swift). However, White Horse is always one that I come back to as the quintessential song from that era, though I know there are plenty. Mostly, I’m just here for young Taylor’s angsty disillusionment with fairy tales. 

#7 Out of the Woods

This track personally means a lot to me, though I know it won’t to most people. I’ve described it before as a song that sounds exactly like my anxiety attacks feel. For this reason, I’ve spent many nights listening to this song on repeat for hours, and it will probably always be one of my faves.

#6 betty

I’ve only had a week to listen to everything on folklore, and often my favorite songs take a while to grow on me. But at first listen, betty is my favorite. It reminds me of old-school Taylor but better. I love the storytelling, the sweetness, the catchiness—it’s a good vibe.

#5 Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince

Was this anybody else’s favorite song from Lover? No. In fact, it was so low on some of the rankings I read that I was tempted to reconsider my opinions. BUT I LIKE WHAT I LIKE, PEOPLE. I love the lyrics, the thinly-veiled political metaphors, and the 80s vibe. (Is it an 80s vibe? Idk music things.)

#4 Blank Space

While I love Taylor’s straight country and country-tinged numbers, the pure pop bliss of 1989 was so much fun. While the album as a whole is extremely pleasing—I’m in favor of that level of cohesion—Blank Space is the best. In my opinion. Which is the point of this whole post. So yes. The best.

#3 Long Live

I’m a sucker for a feel-good anthem, and this one delivers. It’s melodramatic, it’s over-the-top, and it’s just so magical and sparkly and powerful. Long Live definitely takes the crown for my favorite early-ish Taylor Swift song.

#2 Getaway Car

I know I’m not full of original opinions here, but Getaway Car is my favorite track off Reputation. I know the world fell in love with this one instantly, but it grew on me a bit more slowly. Sure enough, though, the world was right and Getaway Car is a freaking jam. The best driving song, hands down.

#1 All Too Well

Again, I am aware that I am wholly unoriginal. But what am I supposed to do? Pretend like I’m obsessed with The Last Time? No. Originality for its own sake is pointless, and I am therefore declaring All Too Well as my favorite Taylor Swift song of all time. The writing, the repetition, the emotion—it’s all perfect. While something may change my mind one day, All Too Well has staying power, in my opinion.

And a few honorable mentions (two from each album, to be exact) because I couldn’t limit myself to just ten:

Our Song, Teardrops on My Guitar, Love Story, Fifteen, Back to December, Mean, Holy Ground, Everything Has Changed, New Romantics, Style, Delicate, New Year’s Day, Lover, Cornelia Street, exile, the next great american dynasty

Feel free to criticize my opinions. I can take it. I’m fully aware I know nothing about music.


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