Top 10 Worst Grey’s Anatomy Characters

With Grey’s Anatomy starting (and already stopping) again, I felt like now was a great time to rant about characters I love and hate. For the most part, I tried to focus on the WRITING of each character, not their personalities and/or the actors that portray them. But obviously, there’s quite a bit of overlap as I tend to personally enjoy well-written characters more. (My best-written list will come next week, in a perfect world.)

#10 Bailey

Sigh … I hate to do this, but I have been really disappointed by the writing of Bailey’s character these past few seasons. I wish she had been allowed to thrive as chief, not immediately start floundering when she had been running the whole place as a resident. Also—and this is a personal issue—I’m not thrilled with the depiction of OCD. Chandra Wilson does a great job with it, but I hate how Bailey’s OCD only pops up when the plot requires it. (If only it worked like that, am I right?)

#9 Dr. Stark

Why did the guy who valued a tiramisu more than a child’s life get a redemption arc? He sucked. Also, a sub-par surgeon who is mean to virtually everyone wouldn’t get hired as a peds surgeon at a top hospital. Something didn’t add up there.

#8 Teddy

If Teddy had returned from Germany with a bunch of emotional baggage, I would have bought it. But the show tried to rewrite her character by making her a serial cheater? As far back as 9/11? The desire to have a sticky love triangle could have worked for other characters. My pitch would have been to spend more time developing a full intern class every year. They don’t have to stick around forever, but don’t let them fade away immediately. I would believe overworked interns in their 20s and 30s in that kind of melodramatic love triangle. But it really doesn’t mesh with Teddy, Owen, and Tom. Also, I always hate it when a character “self-sabotaging” is used to excuse plot holes. That’s across all shows and genres, though.

#7 Reed

In the same way that people used to call DeLuca the Derek 2.0 (though I feel like most have definitely come around now), Reed was 100% the Izzy 2.0. Same personality-ish, same love interest, same plot lines. And she died before she could get less boring.

#6 Naomi Bennett

I know Naomi is a Private Practice character, but she technically appeared in the crossover episodes, so I’m including her in this list. I really just needed to complain about how unbelievably exhausting her character is. Thanks to her, I ended up quitting Private Practice before Amelia even showed up (which is why I started watching in the first place).

#5 Richard

Literally so boring. Should have left the show seasons ago. I feel like the writers ran through all their Richard material too fast because they repeated it all over again (only worse) with Maggie. Estranged daughter figure reappears? Check. Lying about your relationship to them? Check. Awkward daddy issues? Check, check, check.

#4 Izzy

WHY DIDN’T SHE DIE? I absolutely hate that Izzy was on the brink of death, then miraculously recovered, then disappeared again. I’m not sure if all that was due to contract disputes or what, but the whole arc gave me whiplash.

#3 Sadie

Yes, nepotism will get you far in life. The last four years have proven that much. But will nepotism alone get a *doctor* months into a surgical residency? With nobody noticing? I remember reading this was another contract dispute resulting in the actress leaving sooner than intended. Which is the only thing about the whole Sadie situation that makes sense.

#2 Callie

Like with Izzy, I would rather have characters die than be written off the show in the most ludicrous way possible. Like, yes, that many dramatic deaths is improbable. Do you know what else is improbable? An intelligent, kind woman who has proven herself to be an amazing mother trying steal her daughter and going all scorched earth on her ex? Like what? Prior to that, she might have made my best list, but her departure was wildly out of character. In my opinion, Callie’s sendoff was way more of a reach than Alex’s.

#1 Owen

Everyone agrees that Owen is a terrible human being who legitimately hates women (He berated Christina for getting an abortion, sabotaged his sister’s promotion, cheated on his wife, etc.) And I can normally get behind a messy bad guy. But that’s not who Owen is in the Grey’s Anatomy universe. For some reason, all these intelligent people still think he’s amazing, which makes ZERO SENSE. I’m okay with him sucking. I just need every other character to please stop monologuing about how loyal and noble and kind he is.

And that’s that! Did I write this entire blog post just because I hate Owen? Possibly. But he’s really the worst, so I feel like that’s justified.

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